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The Camaro STFU edition is a fictional model. It was created by Jason Debler in reference to people bickering about what the 2010 Camaro top model should be, SS or Z28. It can be found in the following CamaroZ28.Com message board post:

"I won't care if they call it a "Camaro STFU". It will be what it will be. I am happy to be able to have another Camaro and as a Camaro owner, I will MAKE it what I want it to be, just like I always have and like many other Camaro owners will.

So while people are driving something other than a new Camaro, complaining about how they didn't make it their way, I will be driving my Camaro STFU, enjoying the hell out of it and making it mine."

Debler has mentioned that he will be making actual STFU badges for Camaros in the future. They are expected to be available in the CZ28Store in 2010, or by going to