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In 1994, just one year following the release of the fourth generation Camaro, Callaway Cars released a potent tuner version of the then new Camaro. Callaway, then known for its modifications to Chevrolet Corvettes, infused the 1994 Camaro with a "Supernatural" form of the LT1 engine, which achieved 404 HP mostly through increased displacement (courtesy of stroking the motor to 383 cubic inches, from a stock 350) and a more aggressive camshaft and cylinder head modifications. The looks of this car matched its vastly increased performance, with a customized body kit that transformed the lines of the Camaro into a true supercar. This car was featured in Motor Trend magazine, among others, where it was met by wide acclaim, both because of its tremendous "supernatural" performance, as well as its Callaway good looks.

Callaway C8 Camaro on

Callaway C8 Camaro burn-out! (YouTube)

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